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Holding Hands

What is CASA?

Grand Prairie CASA recruits, trains, and supports a diverse network of Court Appointed Special Advocates who volunteer their time to ensure that abused and neglected children find safe, permanent, and loving homes where they have the opportunity to thrive.

Being a CASA

Supportive Friend

What Exactly do CASA Advocates do?

  • Meet regularly with their CASA child

  • Gather information: Review documents and records, interview the children, family members, professionals, and others involved in their lives

  • Provide written reports containing factual information and recommendations at the court hearings

  • Attend all court hearings and meetings related to the child's case

  • "Be the glue": Seek cooperative solutions among individuals and organizations involved in the children's lives

  • Recommend appropriate services and ensure that court-ordered services are provided to the child and family

  • Bring concerns about the child's health, education, mental health, etc. to the court team

  • Ensure that a safe, permanent home is being sought for the child

  • CASA advocates spend 10-15 hours per month performing duties related to this volunteer service

Child and Therapist

What are the steps to becoming a CASA?

Complete an application, participate in an interview, submit to local, state, and national background checks
Participate in a pre-service training course (30 hours)
Be sworn in by the Judge presiding over juvenile hearings
Begin advocating for a child!

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